Hipster Hair Styles

Several hipster hairstyles have emerged over the years, including Mohawk, fauxhawk and the mushroom. However, keratin straightening is quickly taking over. There are several hair salons and beauty centers that you could get keratin straightening london.

The treatment is no longer used on women only men who love longer hairdos can get keratin straightening for smoother and shinier hair. With a head full of healthy hair, you will have no problem catching the attention of your dream woman. We've selected three other hipster hairstyles that you could wear to stand out. Read on to get inspired!

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Top knot

The top knot also known as a man bun is popular among celebrities and rock stars. The hairdresser cuts the hair at the sides of your head and leaves the middle long enough to tie up into a bun. To make sure your barber understands your vision, take with you some pictures on the day of your appointment.

The edgy style is great for men with thin hair. You could also get different undercut styles for a fresh look. Check out the tutorial on how you can maintain the look between appointments

Start off with a clean slate Wash and condition your hair with moisturizing products to make it easier to style.

Blow-dry the top section of your man bun Using a blow-dryer will not only dry your hair quicker, but it will also ensure the finish is sleek and straight.

Brush and add product After blow-drying the hair, brush to remove tangles then apply slyer.

Create the bun Gather the hair and tie with hair elastic. Complete by looping the hair ends through the elastic to make a bun.


Undercut hairdos are right on-trend. With the variety of textures and lengths, you will surely stand out from the crowd. If you want to get noticed, you could get a long hair under cut. Depending on the texture of your hair, styling is very simple. A tousle look works well and can be achieved in a couple of minutes. Simply warm a little product in your hands and work it through your hair in downward movements. Then twist small hair sections and comb with your fingers until it looks slightly messy.

If you love the traditional side part, you can go with the subtle side sweep. This version of the undercut hairdo will update your look. It's easy to style too. Simply massage hair product from the root to the top of the hair before using a wide-tooth comb to direct your hair to one side. It works well with men with an oblong face shape the side part adds an angle to make the face appear square. The same goes for those with chubby faces. The style won't make you look feminine as side pars are accepted as hairstyles for both men and women.

Spiky Hairstyle with Undercut

Whether you want a high faade, low faade or taper fade, you are bound to enjoy a spiky haircut. Teenagers will like this style where sides of the head and shaved and the remaining hair spiked for a sexy look. It's a great style for summer because you won't sweat much.

Not that long ago, having such a hairdo meant using lots of hair gel to clump hair into spikes. Today's styles, however, have a more natural appearance. You don't have to use strong gels that cause hard-textured spikes pomade or wax is all you need to get the look. You could keep trying different styling methods until you get what works for you.


Which hipster hairdo do you like? Whatever style you choose, the look will drastically change your appearance. Such haircuts are ideal for individuals who want to look stylish, update their look or do something different with their hair.