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Want To Be More Comfortable Camping?

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Want To Be More Comfortable Camping

       As a first timer you will likely be tempted to run down to your nearest Camping Wal-Mart and make your purchases there and why wouldn’t you? They offer all sorts of gear at what is usually the lowest price but you need to be aware that there is better camping equipment available for what may not be a whole lot more money.

We’ll look at some of the different items you’ll need as creature comforts for your camping trip and see why some choices are better than others.
We can start with choosing a camping tent. Granted it would seem that the tents offered at Wal-Mart and stores like that are a pretty good deal and make no mistake, they are. But the bottom line when buying tents is that you are going to get what you pay for. Companies like REI and North Face offer tents that, while they are obviously more money, they are likely going to last a much longer time than a cheaper department store tent. Other benefits include that they tend to have better water proofing, better foul Camping weather venting and although the brand name tents tend to be smaller, they either have more poles, or the poles are arranged to give the maximum rigidity to the tent.

I have used both and know that a two pole tent (that is not a brand name tent) has blown on top of me in my sleep during a storm. That doesn’t happen Camping with my North Face tent. It’s very rigid and designed with the worst weather in mind. The same goes for ALMOST any brand name tent. Tents that have a taller profile are going to be more prone to problems with wind than a shorter tent would be. On the other hand, they offer more comfort in terms of sprawl room and room to change your clothes etc. But nom matter what, you will want your tent to have room for one extra person than will be going on your trip, i.e. three people in a tent would require a four person tent. Otherwise things can get very cramped.

Camping Something I wouldn’t be without anymore is a tarp. I have two ultralight tarps that I use. One I set up as a canopy for an eating area if I feel I need it. The other I set up over the top of my tent. Why? Because in the event of rain on my trip the tarp helps to create an “exclusion zone” around my tent, helping to keep เว็บนอก the ground dry. If you can keep the ground dry around your tent then it’s much easier to keep your tent dry inside thus making it more comfortable all the around because you’ll be drier and as a result, warmer. สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์


I don’t buy those blue tarps from Wal-Mart for this. They work fine but Camping they’re very bulky when packed up and that makes them difficult to carry. I spent good money on my tarps. They’re made of a similar material as what your tent fly might be made of. They’re very lightweight and very compressible. สล็อตแตกยับ You do have to be somewhat careful with them but as long as you take good care, they’ll do their job for a long time to come. Most people don’t use tarps like this but once you have a first hand experience of the difference it can make in keeping things dry (or maybe even offer some shade) you’ll never want to be without one.

A sleeping bag is an obvious need to add to your list. Once again you can find them at almost any store and most of them will carry just the basic features. However, there are a few key things to look for. The first is that they have to be Camping rated for at least 0°F and have a rating for a certain temperature. If you’re a cold sleeper (and let’s face it this is most of the world) than a rating of 40°F is going to mean a lot less than the ratings of 60° and up. The next thing to look for is the fill material. Get a synthetic fill that will dry quickly and insulate even when it is wet. Also look for a fill that doesn’t absorb water. This will keep you warmer all night. There are a lot of different opinion Camping about what sort of sleeping bags you should get. You will want to get a sleeping bag that is a little larger than the average. Clearly this will provide you with a better nights sleep. Make sure you buy a sleeping bag that fits you.

There are a lot of Camping different factors to take into account when deciding which sleeping bag you should choose. Make sure you plan and prepare you’re trip well so that you can sleep comfortably regardless of the conditions.