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How to Get Jealous – And How to Turn It Into a Positive Experience

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How to Get Jealous – And How to Turn It Into a Positive Experience

A little jealousy in a relationship is actually healthy. In fact a little bit of jealousy can show your partner that you still care enough. Jealousy in fact helps keep a relationship honest and true. It is one of the best ways to express your emotions without it being misconstrued by other persons. It just makes you a better person in every way. Although some people derive happiness from being jealous, it actually has to be done in an appropriate way. This kind of jealousy should be present to back up the affection so that everyone can be happy and everything can be made clearer. And, yes you can definitely learn how to flirt with girls even if you are already already married.

Sometimes I get second opinions from friends when I tell them I am in a serious relationship with someone. They get surprised and sometimes a little hurt when I tell them that I have another relationship on the side. Jealousy in this case is the main topic. They do not want me going around with another woman, but they sometimes don’t mind if I am. I tell them that it shows that I am not completely hiding who I am and now they have to work on making their own relationship meaningful and fulfilling. It might even help them if they could talk to a friend of their partner about their other relationship and get another opinion.

Once I was being driven home in my hurry to finish this project and I noticed a big frown on my loved one’s face. Shepleasantly acidlyspokenwithout any effort on my part. I pointed it out to her and told her that she should loosen up some, since it is actually helping our relationship. She agreed and left me in peace while I tried to figure out where I dropped the ball. Many times I thought I made a great impact to my partner when she was already surprised by my behavior. There are times that jealousy can play its saves on certain situations and other times it can completely ruin a good relationship.

On the positive side, sometimes jealousy can be a sign that our partner is starting to find someone new and it makes us think about our partner but we should not have that thought.If you think about it, there is really no point in being jealous since you should be the one to control your own mind and body. It might be healthy at times but if you are already taken then it might just create more confusion and suppose that you are indeed still single. I guess that is why we need a achievement in life to help us realize that we have a life to live. And there is no point in being responsible for someone else’s life as well. But if you have been with your lover for a while and time has been working out just perfectly, I guess you have already thought about the future with or without him. And no, this does not mean you have already thought of being together forever but on a longer term basis. If you still wish to have a future with him without breaking it off with him then don’t worry. There is still time for that.


On the other hand, if you have been dating for a while but is still not yet secure with your partner then it is healthy to express you feelings. It might or might not turn your partner to not be happy with your happiness. I say this because nobody in this world will be happy all the the time but you have to make sure that you have enough control of your own emotion. Instead of being jealous I say that you should just be happy that your partner is happy the way he is and you should be happy for your own happiness. Express your jealousy but in a way that will not embarrass your partner. If your partner is not happy, then you are only unhappy but by being jealous you are making him unhappy. And undoubtedly that will make you even more unhappy. Jealousy serves one purpose and that is to make you unhappy.

It is important to say that even if your partner is not happy with your happiness, you are the ones that are to be blamed. It is not your partner’s responsibility to make you happy. So if there are hints of unhappiness, investigate further. If you can’t trust your partner or if you think that he is cheating on you, then I seriously advise you to leave immediately. Hang in there and work out whatever feelings you have because it is only way that everything will work out and you will realize that your love will strengthen and strengthen until you get back with your loved one, sharing your life with him once again and more.

But if your partner is not ready and still wants to stay, then go ahead with your relationship. Don’t allow yourself to be taken, just to an empty relationship. Take your time and learn to love and treasure the time that you have. UFABET เว็บตรง