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Home » How to Make a Woman Think About You – Using Powerful Psychology Tricks That Work Like Magic!

How to Make a Woman Think About You – Using Powerful Psychology Tricks That Work Like Magic!

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How to Make a Woman Think About You – Using Powerful Psychology Tricks That Work Like Magic!

It takes only a few seconds for a woman to decide if she likes you. A lot of men often mess this up, which makes it hard for them to get ahead in the dating world.

Obviously, you need to get her to think about you, or you’ll never reach your full potential in the dating world. Every man who has ever seduced a woman has done this, and you can do it too!

One surefire way to get women to think about you is to apply this trick called “state GS loops”. I am just going to explain you how to use these to get women attracted to you and like you deeply, and I will show you the mistakes men will do. Please, read the entire thing and study for yourself.

Now, if you only knew what to look out for….

Now, there are different Make forms of statecks, and you can select from three different ones here. The first one I’m going to show you is the “time-based statechex”, where you simply want to get her to remember something happy that happened almost the last time you saw her.

It would be vital for you to get her to remember something really special (e.g. the first time you met her), and get that memory “locked” into her subconscious mind. This is what I call a “anchor”. Make An anchor is a memory that a person attach to another particular event, object, or person – in this case, it would be you.

The problem with many men is that they Make cannot recall many things in their mind; and the problems start immediately when a girl is involved. You see, memories are stored in our four main kinds of memories: physical, emotional, social, and intellectual.

When it comes to girls, if you are approaching her with memories of great times with her friends, this is only going to make her feel repelled. When you only concentrate on getting her to feel sad with you, that is.

The trick is to play on her emotions, to make her feel attracted to you, without directly telling her that your feelings for her are deep.

Now, for this to happen, Make you must manipulate her emotions using this technique called “state cancellation”. What you simply do is to switch her emotional energy from negative to positive by instantly Educating her brain that she is now hanging out with you. Do this by using very dashing and charming words, like so:


“Hey, that outfit looks great on you! Where would you like to go on Saturday? Or maybe you want to take me there.”

(Asking her to take you somewhere is bad bad bad. Using words to ask a woman to go with you is a tricks. She doesn’t know you well enough to be able to Make comply with your cancellation request.)

OVERSE – “That outfit looks great on you. Where would you like to go on Saturday? Or maybe you want to take me there.” สล็อตเเว็บตรงเเตกง่าย

(You’ve just put a little hint. The best girls are adventurous enough to know what you mean. They will actually ask you if you want to go to the cinema with them.)

If you do this right, she will immediately feel emotionally connected with you. You are now inside her mind, and can take your time, let her feel the emotions. Don’t call it a “date” yet. The point is to get her really wanting to go with you to the cinema! Use the next technique below to achieve your aim…

“After the cinema, your place Make OR mine?” – You can simply tell a girl if she can come home with you, or if she would have to come back with you, and where you both are. This kind of questions will make her feel at ease and comfortable with you.

Again, it’s imperative to answer the questions in an interesting and exciting way. This will make her feel certain that you are not another boring guy.Make

“I was thinking about you.” – This is another great way to break the ice. This question will tell her that you were actually thinking of her, and that she was a part of your thinking. It will then be easy for you to transition into a nice romantic conversation.

It can be scary to think about the first meeting with a girl. Make Imagine the nervousness you feel the first time you are meeting somebody. That nervousness will be your worst enemy; you need to have some ideas about how to Make get across to her through the conversation that you have with her.

Try to Make think of some icebreakers that you can use. Try to be prepared so that you can engage in a nice conversation with her. These can be the single most important things you will learn how to succeed with women.

After that, you either meet her, or you don’t.